Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

MECO Limited (Mecobit) recently launched new product Solar Unit M4000, Solar Panel Kit(complete), Portable Power Station, M100 Miner, M200 miner, Meco Rack, which has attracted widespread attention in the industry.

Comparing with previous innovations, the charging speed, battery lifespan, safety guarantee, and user experience have been greatly improved. Mecobit Solar Unit M4000 and Solar Panel Kit are compatible with most home and Industrial appliances, equipment, tools, electronic devices such as Cryptocurrency miners, providing safer, long backup and more durable power for Home and Office use.

Mecobit Solar Systems long-life battery: Solar Unit M4000, Solar Panel Kit(complete), Portable Power Station greatly passes standard tests such as short circuit, overcharge, extrusion, acupuncture, etc. These products lasts for

Solar Unit M4000, Solar Panel Kit(complete)lasts for an impressive mega cycles. This gives the battery about 10 times the lifespan of those found in most other power stations. If you fully drain and charge of the batteries once every-other day, the power station will last for more than 10 years.

We are looking for a boost from the global problems of fossil fuel by-products, high levels of electricity consumption. “It improves the way we approach imagination and planning. Moreover, make this progress reasonable for the customer,” said B. FRANCI, CEO of MECO LIMITED.

Key features of our miners:

Meco Rack:

Capacity: BTC-4850 TH/s, ETH/ETC-20000 MH/s
Calculation: SHA256, Ethash
8 x Nvidia RTX 3090 (includes warranty)
2 x Mining Frame/Shelf
3 x 930W 110-220V fully modular power supplies.

M100 miner:
Hash Rate: BTC 450TH/s, ETH/ETC 2000MH/s
Power: 1400 watts
Calculation: SHA256, Ethash
Connection: Ethernet/Wireless

M200 miner
Hash Rate: BTC 650 TH/s, ETH/ETC 2300 MH/s
Power: 1800 watts
Calculation: SHA256, Ethash
Connection: Ethernet/Wireless

With the innovation of Mecobit smart Cooling System, the result is a constant cooling system that ensures the Mecobit Cryptocurrency miner and other equipment is never in danger of overheating. It can be a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and convenient way to use electricity on the go.

MARS-1000 PRO provides a 4-year long-term warranty after sale. Compared with the general 2-year warranty period in the industry, Mecobit provides you with longer-term protection.

About MECO Limited (Mecobit)

It was launched in 2015 with the determination to create and demonstrate to the world a solar-powered digital currency mine, and depending on the miner’s inclination, Ethash, SHA-256 or Scrypt innovations can be used. The organisation says it is the absolute first solar-powered digital currency mining project on Earth. “We need to disrupt the solar charger business by providing more power at a more reasonable value than was recently thought to be the case.” – B. Franci (founder). Based on Chiswick High Road in London, UK, Mecobit has locations in various urban communities around the world, including the US. Additional information about the organisation and its projects is available on the organisation’s website

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