Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Manhattan Child Custody Lawyer Martin Mohr from New York Family Law Group Shares Article About New York Child Custody Battles

Navigating the tumultuous waters of child custody battles can be emotionally draining for parents, especially in New York where decisions are grounded in the best interests of the child. To shed light on the subject, Manhattan child custody lawyer Martin Mohr ( of New York Family Law Group, has authored an article titled ‘What Can Be Used Against You in a Custody Battle in New York?’.

Manhattan child custody lawyer Martin Mohr’s article is a reservoir of information for parents who find themselves embroiled in a custody battle. The article explores various elements and factors that may influence the court’s decision in custody cases, including the types of custody, criteria for determining custody, and common factors judges consider.

In the article, Manhattan child custody lawyer Martin Mohr emphasizes the importance of understanding the nuances of New York custody laws. “Parents must be well-versed in the laws and procedures that govern child custody decisions in New York. Knowledge is empowering and can be pivotal in preparing parents for legal proceedings,” Martin Mohr elucidates.

One of the notable aspects of the article is the breakdown of types of child custody. It delineates the differences between legal custody and physical custody, and further categorizes them into sole and joint custody. The article educates readers on the significance of consistency, co-parenting abilities, and the impact of past incidents of domestic violence in child custody battles.

Moreover, Martin Mohr talks about factors that could be detrimental to a parent’s case. He states, “Having a criminal record, history of abuse or neglect, issues with substance abuse, parental alienation, frequent relocations, or financial instability can raise concerns regarding your ability to provide a safe and stable environment for your child.”

Importantly, the article is not just a catalog of possible impediments; it also offers advice on how parents can work on these issues to present a more favorable case before the court. Martin Mohr provides insights into how parents can exhibit commitment to change and stability, which can be beneficial in custody proceedings.

Parents who are currently undergoing custody battles or foresee one in the near future will find this article to be an invaluable resource. It not only helps parents comprehend the various aspects that can affect their custody case but also empowers them to make informed decisions.

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