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Explore Possible Legal Options for a Charge with Stroleny Law, P.A., a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney.

Miami, FL – Upon arrest, an individual is thrust into an unfamiliar realm characterized by questioning, evidence gathering, booking, and arraignment. Despite being apprised of their rights by law enforcement, the individual may feel as though they are being treated as guilty of their criminal charges by those around them. 

An individual facing charges can seek the legal services of Attorney Julian Stroleny to understand the contents of a police report, the nature of criminal offenses, or potential legal strategies. Mr. Stroleny acknowledges that mistakes can happen or people can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and as such, he treats all clients with compassion, respect, honesty, and integrity. At Stroleny Law, P.A., Mr. Stroleny attentively listens to his clients’ accounts of their alleged criminal offenses and subsequently provides impartial legal advice. He conducts thorough research to develop custom-tailored legal defenses for each client.

Domestic violence carries a stigma in the public eye, especially for those who experience it or face false accusations. Under Florida law, it includes a range of offenses such as assault, stalking, physical abuse, battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and any crime that results in injury or death. Unlike harassment between business partners, neighbors, or co-workers, domestic violence involves family/household members or intimate partners. The penalties for this crime can be severe and include hefty fines, loss of child custody, or even imprisonment. Attorney Julian Stroleny is highly skilled in handling domestic violence cases and can help clients fight against false accusations by building a strong defense strategy. He is experienced in defending restraining orders, cybercrimes, and criminal orders of protection.

Stroleny Law, P.A. also provides legal representation for children who are facing charges for juvenile crimes, which have the potential to negatively impact their future opportunities for education and employment. Juvenile crimes may be committed for a variety of reasons, including parental criminality, peer pressure, mental illness, family conflict, or a difficult home life. The juvenile crime attorney understands these outside factors and their influence on young minds to protect children’s rights throughout the legal process while working with the parents/guardians to minimize re-occurrences. Additionally, clients with arrests they would like to clear can contact the law firm to seal or expunge their criminal records if they meet the eligibility requirements. 

Although less serious than felonies, misdemeanors carry significant penalties like jail time, increased insurance rates, license suspension, deportation, and hefty fines. Misdemeanors include criminal mischief, drug possession, disorderly conduct, obstructing justice, petit/retail theft, trespassing, loitering, and many more. As a former state prosecutor, the Miami criminal defense attorney has handled many misdemeanor cases to help clients through the legal process. They also represent individuals facing probation violations, white-collar crimes, hate crimes, homicide, drug crimes, DUI, and federal crimes. 

While pursuing his legal education, Attorney Julian Stroleny worked in a top law firm and Miami-Dade State Attorneys’ office, learning the importance of commitment to clients and passionate advocacy. He gained a detailed understanding of the criminal justice system internally to leverage his insight and experience while handling all cases. To him, protecting clients’ rights involves courtesy, no matter the allegations they face. 

Schedule a free consultation on the firm’s website or call the Miami Criminal Defense attorney at (305) 615-1285. Stroleny Law, P.A. is at 66 W Flagler St Suite 1005, Miami, FL, 33130, US. 

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